“Developing a long-term strategy aimed at creating real value for entrepreneurs”

Rosa Neuberg

Rosa completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business Economics in Groningen. In 2023 she obtained her master’s degree in Financial Economics in Rotterdam. During her studies, she gained practical experience as an intern at Corporate Finance Boutique Lindenaar & Co. She got to know Bolster during the Private Equity Academy and subsequently did an internship there. That internship transitioned into a full-time position by late 2023.

“Bolster has a unique and appealing way in working with the portfolio companies. Our commitment extends beyond financial backing, offering both strategic guidance and serving as a cooperative partner. At Bolster we prioritize collaboration with entrepreneurs, fostering an environment where decisions are made mutually. Personally, I find it inspiring to learn from people with diverse expertise and industry perspectives.”


Involved with: Dinnissen Process Technology Infoplaza Group