Investment philosophy

Long-term partnerships are key to the way we do business. After all, real, sustainable value creation is what it is all about. We work with entrepreneurs to realize their companies’ full potential. We do so by combining a long-term vision with ongoing involvement in the implementation of the growth strategy. Enabling and critically stimulating, with patient perseverance. We leverage our knowledge, experience and network and to encourage entrepreneurship.

Distinctive capabilities

Bolster is specialized in minority interests and has a long-term investment horizon.
The companies Bolster invests in are all exceptional businesses. Exceptional on account of their unique product or service and their market position. Their activities tend to be highly specialized, many operate in a global market and all hold a leading position.

The Bolster team distinguishes itself through its involvement, with a critical but positive and respectful approach. We listen carefully so that we understand what entrepreneurs need and are there to offer advice and assistance. No nonsense and reliable.

For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Bolster actively uses of its network of entrepreneurs, managers and advisors. The investors behind Bolster consist of Van Lanschot Kempen as well as current and former entrepreneurs. These investors and the entrepreneurs and management teams of the companies we invest in are part of the valuable knowledge network offered by Bolster.