Responsible investing

We are convinced that responsible investing with attention for people, planet and prosperity combined with a long-term view contributes to sustainable value creation for all stakeholders involved. Hence our mission is “To create real, sustainable value for our companies and our investors by leveraging knowledge, resources and network.

We believe that responsible investment is much more about intentions and culture than about ticking off items on a list. As a company, investor or individual, do you make the right choice at the important moments? Taking into account the interests of all stakeholders, focussing on the long-term, aiming for a sustainable future for people, planet and prosperity? Bolster wants to be a valuable and reliable business partner that invests in long-term relationships and builds sustainable value creation, in good times and bad times. Everyone can keep us to that promise.

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is an integral part of all of Bolster’s investment activities, from research and due diligence phase to investment period and final exit. Click here for our ESG policy.


Every year, we use this report to update our investors and our companies about sustainability developments at Bolster and its portfolio companies. By also publishing our ESG reporting, we aim to be transparent about the steps we have taken on sustainability on the one hand and to inspire and motivate our stakeholders to make progress on issues that are important to them on the other.



Bolster has been a partner of the Bart de Graaff Foundation since 2016. As a mentor company we help young people with physical disability, to set up their own company. Last year we supported Teun van den Brom, founder of the Champagne Baron, to start his own business selling exclusive champagnes.
Bolster partnered with FemaleXFinance in 2022, the largest training and recruitment platform for female talent.
Bolster is a mentor-partner at Level 20, a program to promote the advancement of mainly female talent to the top of the sector.
As an active member of the Dutch Private Equity Association (NVP), we endorse the NVP code of conduct and NVP membership code.
Bolster is an official CO2 partner of the Tree For All foundation and has been compensating its CO2 footprint since 2017 by contributing to certified reforestation projects.
Bolster has signed the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). The UN PRI is an international global network of asset managers, owners and service providers working together to put responsible investment into practice.