"Finding beautiful pearls and then building a solid company together with management gives me a lot of energy”
Investment Manager

Wendela Huber

Wendela studied Finance & Investments at the Rotterdam School of Management. She began her career at ABN AMRO as a Corporate Banking Trainee, after which she worked as an Investment Associate for the Energy Transition Fund. There, she gained a lot of experience of investing in the sustainability sector, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Afterwards, she continued her career at Create Capital. In 2021, Wendela made the move to Bolster, where she had already completed an internship in 2014.

“Private Equity is a real people’s business, a dynamic environment in which no two days are the same. I’m energized by the process of finding promising businesses and then working with their management to build them into a solid enterprise”.

Involved with: BTG Positioning Systems Public Search Trophy Assets Holding