"Sustainable value creation and inspirational collaboration are my drivers for success"

Tymian Clay

Tymian graduated in mechanical engineering at the HTS in Delft, followed by financial management studies at Nyenrode Business University. There, his main interest was the courses related to investment, where he was able to put his technical background to good use. After an internship at bunq, he joined Bolster, obtaining a permanent contract in early 2024.

“The entrepreneurial nature of Bolster immediately appealed to me. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and spent a lot of time at my parents’ company. Entrepreneurship was a frequent topic at home. I recognize the drive that comes with entrepreneurship in the way Bolster operates. The drive to move forward at all times, spot new opportunities and jump in with both feet. I’m also extremely interested in observing what others are doing and learning from them. The search for connection and the attitude of always wanting to learn are also features I find at Bolster. We work to explore a sector in depth, to understand a company. We’re not an arms-length partner; we genuinely want to comprehend how things work. This applies to everyone at Bolster, and certainly to me.”

Involved with: Giesen Coffee Roasters Kwabo Oxbo