Bolster invests in exceptional Dutch companies with a keen focus and a proven business model. Companies with strong management and growth potential.

Careflex Zorg Groep

"Every year, Careflex receives around 30.000 calls about care requests"

Esschert Design

"Sells over 2 million jars of bird peanut butter per year world wide"

Jansens & Dieperink

“Tailor-made silos up to 18 meters in diameter”


"Foliage and decorative greenery for 350 million bouquets per year"

Trophy Assets Holding

"Processes more marble than the entire Dutch kitchen industry"

Market Food Group

"Processes 58 million raisins a week"

Quint Wellington Redwood

"Trains 30.000 students every year"


"Manufactures over 400 kilometer of sills per year"

OGD ict-diensten

"Conducts 175.000 servicedesk call per year"

Marfo Food Group

"Prepares 200,000 fresh frozen meals a day"

Ploeger Oxbo Group

“Produces 45 different machines to harvest approximately 20 different crops”


“Practice what you preach; ranked highly year after year as a ‘great place to work’ and ‘best employer”

Gerco Brandpreventie

“The temperature in the event of a fire is 7x lower in a room made fire-resistant by Gerco.”

Medsen Apotheken

“Every day 500 pharmacies outsource their medicine preparations to Ceban. Ceban prepares and delivers the medicines within 24 hours”

Kraan Bouwcomputing

"Oldest software provider to the construction and real estate sector"


"Inventor of cold bent glass, which is more durable and less expensive than traditional solutions”


"Develops motors that have the ability to position with a precision greater than the growth of a human hair in a second”