Investment criteria

Bolster invests in companies with an operating profit of € 3 million or more. Bolster invests between € 7.5 and 50 million in each company for an equity stake of no less than 20%. We have a broad sector focus, with an emphasis on manufacturing, services and trading. Unethical sectors are excluded.

Bolster provides tailor-made transaction structures that meet specific wishes of all stakeholders involved. Bolster facilitates amongst others Management Buy Outs, provides additional growth capital and facilitates pre-exit transactions. Bolster uses prudent debt levels to enable growth strategies and promote entrepreneurship.

We are always on the lookout for Dutch companies that have a distinct profile: exceptional companies with an edge.

Market leaders with a keen focus

Specialist players in markets that are not sensitive to trends with a strong, defensible market position. Crucial links in specific sectors.

Proven business model and convincing growth strategy

Clear and distinct business model and a convincing, robust growth strategy. Generating positive cash flow.

Successful and driven management

Management with a strong track record that wants to work with us to create value for clients, employees and shareholders.