“Really create added value and actively help entrepreneurs”
Investment Director

Robbert van Kampen

In 2011, Robbert started his career with investment company Holland Capital. As an Investment Analyst, Robbert gained considerable experience of all aspects that are key to making the right investments, in particular in healthcare and technology. In 2016, Robbert moved to Van Lanschot Participaties, the predecessor of Bolster. Robbert has also been involved since 2023 in the Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen (Dutch association of private equity firms) as a member of the board.

“What is special about Bolster’s position is that we, as shareholder, are brought into the circle of the family firm. That’s why we belong there. We’re a real partner. For me, that sense of belonging means that I don’t see it as work. We’re sometimes referred to as a specialist, but if I look at all the areas in which our portfolio companies ask us to help them come up with ideas, then we’re actually also a generalist. It isn’t even just about business matters. Sometimes an entrepreneur calls us because he wants to pour his heart out. Being given a lot of responsibility, the dynamic nature of the work and the close collaboration with colleagues complete the picture for me.”

Involved with: Adomex Partinzo Groep Infoplaza Group Public Search WIND Subsea Cable Services