“Really create added value and actively help entrepreneurs”
Investment Director

Robbert van Kampen

Robbert is an investment director at Bolster. Robbert started his career in 2011 with investment company Holland Venture. As an investment analyst Robbert has gained a great deal of experience with all the aspects relevant to making the right investments, particularly in the healthcare sector and in IT services. In March 2016 Robbert made the move to Van Lanschot Participaties, now Bolster.

“Every day the dynamic world of private equity takes you to new companies, industries and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. As a long-term shareholder you are in a position where you can really create added value and actively help entrepreneurs realize the shared growth ambitions. This is a very exciting and rewarding position that gives me great satisfaction every day!”

Robbert studied Financial Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Involved with: Adomex Careflex Zorg Groep Infoplaza Group Public Search