The challenge of recognizing and realizing the right opportunities
Investment Manager

Matthijs de Vroome

Matthijs started his career at PwC where he gained all-round M&A experience at various deals departments as part of a traineeship, followed by working at the Corporate Finance practice. As a consultant, Matthijs has learned to approach a transaction from different angles in order to making the right decisions. In December 2020, Matthijs made the move to Bolster.

“What attracts me to Bolster is the versatile work. You come into contact with a great diversity of companies, industries and entrepreneurs, where you are challenged to finding the right opportunities and to realize the shared growth ambitions together with management. ”

Matthijs studied Business Administration (master Entrepreneurship) at the VU University and completed the post graduate degree to Chartered Financial Analyst.

Involved with: Market Food Group Optima Cycles