“Giving trust, getting trust and making things happen.”
Managing Partner

Joost Bakhuizen

As a managing partner Joost was involved in the spin-off of Bolster right from the start. Joost started his career with Kempen Corporate Finance, where he gained a great deal of transaction experience as an advisor in the field of mergers and acquisitions in relation to larger, in many cases listed companies. A perfect training ground, where careful and thorough analysis became second nature to him. Armed with this experience he then opted for a deeper perspective at Strategy & Corporate Development with Van Lanschot. In 2010 he joined the team at Van Lanschot Participaties, Bolster’s predecessor.

“What drives me is to progress our ambitious team of enthusiastic people, who want each other to do better and have success, and who derive not only success but also pleasure from their work. Giving trust, getting trust and making things happen. In partnership, together with the directors of our companies, our investors and within our Bolster team.”

Joost studied General Economics at the University of Groningen.

Involved with: Adomex BTG Positioning Systems Careflex Zorg Groep Dinnissen Process Technology Movares