“Finding the right investments and then working with the management team to create value really energizes me”
Investment Director

Joost van der Sluis

Joost studied Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology and Econometrics at Erasmus University. He began work in 2015 as a Research Analyst at Kempen & Co, where he issued buy and sell advice on listed shares. After more than two years, Joost transferred to Van Lanschot Participaties, the predecessor of Bolster. There, he translated his analytical skills into action in the field – not only spotting the opportunities, but also seizing them and carrying them through.

“The best thing in my job is working with a company, its management and our co-shareholders to lift that company to a higher level. It’s a process in which we gradually achieve success and the company is transformed into a better version of itself. I find it especially valuable to play a role in this process. The quality of the collaboration and mutual trust play a crucial role in this process. On our side, a team of two or three people work together closely with the management team of the company concerned. We gladly deploy our knowledge, experience and network for the benefit of the business. This enables us to reach the best decision and fulfill the company’s potential.”

Involved with: Dinnissen Process Technology Giesen Coffee Roasters Jansens & Dieperink Mark Climate Technology SelektHuis