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    € 106 million
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Specialist in foliage and decorative greenery


Adomex is a leading trading company specializing in foliage and decorative greenery. Adomex is market leader in the Netherlands and Europe. It imports from all over the world and supplies to companies including florist wholesalers, exporters and bouquet makers. With its extensive network and enthusiastic team Adomex has been providing its customers with the best products and an excellent service for four decades.

As a highly specialized, well-led company with a strong market position Adomex is a seamless fit with Bolster’s investment philosophy. Adomex has a clear international growth strategy and Bolster is looking forward to working with the management to realize this growth potential.

Involved from Bolster: Joost Bakhuizen Robbert van Kampen Martijn Fakkert
"Foliage and decorative greenery for 350 million bouquets per year"
Adomex is een deelneming van Bolster Investment Partners

“During the deal the Bolster team was specific and cooperative, and they remain so now: with Dutch practicality, sharp analyses and techniques, and ‘even so’ simply nice guys.”