WIND Subsea Cable Services

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    € 41 million
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Ensures handling and storage of the subsea cables for offshore wind farms

WIND Subsea Cable Services

WIND Subsea Cable Services, based in Alkmaar, is world market leader in the field of logistics, storage and recovery of subsea cables, in particular for offshore wind farms. With logistic hubs and local teams in ports in Europe, Asia and North America, WIND is active worldwide and executes projects for well-established developers and owners of offshore wind farms. During the construction phase of these wind farms, WIND ensures the handling, transport and temporary storage of the subsea cables. In addition, WIND provides the long-term storage of reserve cables and collaborates with partner Mertech Marine to remove decommissioned cables from the seabed and then recycle them. In this way, WIND contributes to the energy transition and a more sustainable future. WIND employs around 60 permanent staff and more than 130 “cable crew”. In 2022, WIND achieved revenue of more than €41 million.

Involved from Bolster: Michiel van Wissen Robbert van Kampen
"WIND has removed and recycled more than 100,000km of decommissioned subsea cables"

“In Bolster we’ve found a long-term partner that will enable us to preserve our corporate culture and philosophy, and give us the opportunity to expand further in this fast-growing market.”