"It is very motivating to identify exciting opportunities and to work together with inspiring entrepreneurs and managers"

Justin Hooimeijer

Justin studied International Economics & Business at the University of Groningen and gained work experience through internships and part-time jobs at Roland Berger and Bolster. After a successful internship at Bolster in 2021, Justin started as an Associate in 2022.

“What I like about work at Bolster is that we build up long-term relationships with the companies in our portfolio. That gives us time to deepen the relationship with our entrepreneurs. If things don’t go quite so well for a company for a time, we at Bolster look beyond the cycle and work together to seek improvement options. We don’t provide any half-baked ideas under time pressure, but instead we pursue the best quality solutions over the long term. That’s what my work at Bolster is all about.

In order to achieve good, long-lasting collaboration with our businesses and entrepreneurs, we want to be clear and transparent from the outset. We frequently invest in an entrepreneur’s life’s work, so they’re entitled to a narrative that’s real and honest. On this basis, we can take on challenges together.”

Involved with: Partinzo Groep Kwabo OGD ict-diensten WIND Subsea Cable Services