Medsen Apotheken

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    € 92 million
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Medsen Apotheken

Medsen is a chain of over 40 pharmacies in the Netherlands plus a modern GMP large-scale compounding pharmacy (Ceban). Medsen distinguishes itself through a number of innovations to make the pharmacy more accessible. For example Medsen has considerably simplified the ordering and collection process with 24-hour medicine vending machines and the pharmacy app, significantly reducing pharmacy waiting times.
Ceban is a large-scale compounder of ad hoc and in-stock prescriptions. It supplies to pharmacies, hospitals and dispensing general practitioners.

Medsen was established in 1998 as a partnership between pharmacies. Since becoming a shareholder in 2009 Bolster has supported the company in structuring and professionalizing the organization and tightening the strategy.

Involved from Bolster: Joost Bakhuizen Hanneke Modderman
“Every day 500 pharmacies outsource their medicine preparations to Ceban. Ceban prepares and delivers the medicines within 24 hours”

“We find the collaboration with Bolster to be business-like and pleasant, with a genuine focus on achieving results. We value the cooperative entrepreneurial spirit at Bolster.”