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    € 23 million
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Specialist in production and sales of high-quality floor protection materials


Kwabo was founded by Jack Kwakman in 1991 as a technical wholesaler. Increasing demand for floor protection materials led the company to focus increasingly since 1995 on the manufacture and sale of such products.

Kwabo traditionally mainly sells (i) floor protection and has expanded its product portfolio in recent years with (ii) non-woven fleeces and (iii) self-adhesive floor covering materials. The non-woven fleeces and self-adhesive floor covering materials are manufactured in Kwabo’s own production facilities in Long An (Vietnam) and Volendam (the Netherlands). Kwabo’s products are primarily made using recycled materials: the non-woven fleece on the basis of recycled textiles from the local clothing industry and the self-adhesive floorcovering materials on the basis of polyester fibers from recycled PET bottles. In addition, Kwabo has a store in Volendam selling finishing materials for plasterers and also the production of plaster cornices takes place. Kwabo offers its high-quality products in particular to purchasing organizations for professional dealers in the Benelux and the DACH region. 

Involved from Bolster: Mark van Rijn Nieck Boeding Justin Hooimeijer
"Kwabo produces about 2.5x the circumference of the earth in floor protection material per year based on recycled raw materials"

As a family business, we were looking for a reliable partner that focuses on the long term and honors our core values. Together we will continue our strategy and build a sustainable future with healthy growth.