“Purposefully working towards that long-term goal”
Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Mark van Rijn

Mark is co-founder of Bolster and a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur. As a child in his parents’ business and later as event organizer and real estate developer. Mark began his professional career at Conquaestor, where he gained experience of providing pragmatic advice to financial departments. His passion for combining content, realization and relationships brought him via Kempen Corporate Finance to Van Lanschot Participaties, the predecessor of Bolster. As Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, he deploys his extensive experience to select the right investments and to advise management teams in the broadest sense.

“I’m inspired by entrepreneurs. Their ability to develop an idea and move ahead resolutely. They have the confidence to take risks because they have absolute faith in their idea. They just do it! This entrepreneurship is what I see at Bolster. We’re not afraid to press ahead, we’re full of ideas and we have to make choices between them. At a certain point, you just have the feeling that this is the path we have to take with Bolster or with a company. Of course, our choices are underpinned with rational arguments, but they arise through ambition and imagination. Ultimately, it’s essential to have the courage to carry out your ideas. The entrepreneurs we work with have that courage and so do we. That’s what connects us.”

Involved with: Esschert Design Infoplaza Group Kwabo Mark Climate Technology Oceanwide Expeditions Public Search Snoeks Automotive Tecnotion Trophy Assets Holding