Jansens & Dieperink

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    € 43 million
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Production of aluminum and stainless steel silos

Jansens & Dieperink

Jansens & Dieperink has over 70 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and site of large aluminum and stainless steel structures. Jansens & Dieperink is global market leader in of aluminum and stainless steel silos and gravity blenders for the polymer industry. The unique concept of on-site assembly allows Jansens & Dieperink to deliver high quality at acceptable costs.

With its sound track record, leading market position and experienced management team Jansens & Dieperink is excellently positioned to benefit from the growth in the polymer industry in the coming years. The shareholders will invest in further growth and strategic development of the company in the years ahead.

Involved from Bolster: Michiel van Wissen Joost van der Sluis
“ Tailor-made silos with a capacity up to 100 truckloads”

“Mutual trust was the basis on which we started, pursued and eventually completed the transaction process. After an efficient and effective due diligence, we reached an agreement with Bolster, providing a solid ground for the future of our company