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    € 11,4 million
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Production of composite stone façade elements


Holonite manufactures and distributes façade and finishing elements made of composite stone. Holonite leads the market in the construction and window frame industries for high-quality sustainable finishing elements made of composite stone. In addition to its role as a manufacturer Holonite is increasingly becoming a systems and concepts developer. Holonite is cradle to cradle certified. Sustainability along with innovation and export is a key focus of the company’s strategy.

Van Lanschot acquired a stake in Holonite through a debt-for-equity swap in late 2012. This was followed by a period of reinforcing its position in the construction chain and tightening its strategy. Innovation is now another key area of focus.

Involved from Bolster: Hanneke Modderman Michiel van Wissen
"Manufactures over 400 kilometer of sills per year"
Holonite is een deelneming van Bolster Investment Partners

“The partnership with Bolster is felt to be very constructive, allowing us as a company all the space we need to do business.”