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    € 85 million
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Specialist in private detached houses on private plots


SelektHuis was founded in 1989 as part of the Nieuwenhuis Group. The company specializes in the development, prefabrication and construction of individual detached houses on private plots. SelektHuis’ proposition focuses on building a dream house according to a customer’s wishes. The customer is relieved of all the work involved in the construction process, from initial design to completion of the house. All houses are built sustainably and energy-efficiently by using the latest insulation materials, a heat pump and solar panels. As a result, SelektHuis contributes to making housebuilding more sustainable.

SelektHuis has a strong local presence with six branches in the Netherlands. SelektHuis’ headquarters and prefab factory are in Rijssen. There, the company produces roofs, frames, dormers, interior walls and gutters. Combining prefabrication with well-developed basic models makes the construction process more efficient and more sustainable than regular construction. This enables shorter construction times at lower costs and of a higher quality.

Involved from Bolster: Michiel van Wissen Joost van der Sluis Martijn Fakkert
"In 42 years SelektHuis has built 8.000 unique detached homes from a standardized flexible building system"

With our experience in construction and Bolster’s knowledge, skills and network, we can make optimal use of the potential of SelektHuis. Together we will build a sustainable and future-proof organization that is progressive in the field of prefabrication, digitization and automation in detached housing.