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Development of harvesting equipment


Oxbo (former Ploeger Oxbo Group) is a leading manufacturer of specialized agricultural machinery, mainly harvesting equipment. Dutch company Ploeger was established in 1959 with the development of the first bean-picking machine. Since merging with US company Oxbo in 2011 the combined group is the world’s largest manufacturer of machines for harvesting around 20 crops, including peas, green beans, seed corn and sweetcorn, blueberries and spinach. Oxbo is a global supplier of the food-processing industry, seed producers, and agricultural companies and contractors.

Bolster became a shareholder in order to provide Ploeger with additional equity to acquire the larger American company Oxbo in 2011, with which it had collaborated for over 20 years. The increase in scale and the combination of knowledge and expertise will make the company even more able to introduce new machines in the coming years, with an increasing focus on emerging markets.

Involved from Bolster: Michiel van Wissen Tymian Clay
“Produces 45 different machines to harvest approximately 20 different crops”
Ploeger Oxbo Group is een deelneming van Bolster Investment Partners

Since 2011 Bolster has provided the management with financial and strategic support to enhance planning and execution of projects at the European and American operations. The investment management team are valued partners sharing a common approach with the Board of Directors toward the business and its various stakeholders.