Optima Cycles

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    € 74 million
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Development and production of e-bikes and e-cargo bikes

Optima Cycles

Optima Cycles specializes in the design, producing and distributing of premium e-bikes and e-cargo bikes. Optima Cycles produces and assembles its own brands Dutch ID and Lovens and for third parties, including Urban Arrow. Optima Cycles has a modern assembly facility in Beverwijk, where also the design and commerce department are located. The production of frames and the sourcing of parts takes place at the production site in Taichung, Taiwan. Optima Cycles has a unique position in the value chain with all activities taking place in-house.

Optima has won the largest bicycle test in the Netherlands (the ADR Bicycle Test) with the Dutch ID Phantom and also came out on top at the ‘Consumentenbond’ test. The recently launched Lovens has also won the ADR Bicycle Test as well as the iF Design Award

Involved from Bolster: Michiel van Wissen Hanneke Modderman Matthijs de Vroome
"Produces more than half of the e- cargo bikes sold on the Dutch market"

“The growth ambition of Optima is enormous. It was therefore logical to look for a partner who is complementary to us, in order to fulfill those ambitions. In Bolster, a long-term investor, we believe we have found this partner and we look forward to a successful partnership.”