OGD ict-diensten

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    € 80 million
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IT services


OGD ict-diensten wants to take the complexity out of IT. To provide technology that simply works and make clients happy by listening carefully, giving clear answers and helping improve clients’ IT environments. OGD provides IT services such as management and software development to large and medium-sized companies, government and semi-government bodies and non-profit organizations. OGD can take on full management of an IT project or outsource staff to the client. The company also provides training for its clients’ employees.

OGD is different from other IT service providers. Established in 1988 in a student residence in Delft OGD and its highly skilled, committed team want to make a difference for clients – through a very pragmatic approach. With its combination of high-quality service and a result-focused culture OGD is already widely acclaimed for its exceptionally high customer satisfaction.

Involved from Bolster: Michiel van Wissen Hanneke Modderman
"Conducts 175.000 servicedesk call per year"
OGD ict-diensten is een deelneming van Bolster Investment Partners

“Over the past few years the Bolster team has acted as a reliable and durable partner. OGD is growing fast and Bolster provides it with excellent support in this area, for example through its valuable network.”