Oceanwide Expeditions

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    € 44 million
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The specialist and market leader in expedition cruises to the polar regions

Oceanwide Expeditions

Oceanwide Expeditions was founded in 1993 by father and son Van Gessel. Since then, Oceanwide has developed into a travel specialist for small-scale adventure expedition cruises to the polar regions. Oceanwide owns four ships and a fifth ship will be operational in September 2021. Offering thematic trips and versatile outdoor activities in combination with a focus on sustainability and preservation of the natural areas, Oceanwide has won the award for World’s Leading Polar Expedition Operator five times.

Bolster’s participation originates from Oceanwide’s wish to broaden its shareholder base, increase its financial strength and accelerate growth.

Bolster invests in exceptional Dutch companies with a sharp focus and a proven business model. Companies with strong management and growth potential. Also view our other investments.

Involved from Bolster: Mark van Rijn Hanneke Modderman Nieck Boeding
"Since 1993 Oceanwide Expeditions has carried out more than 1,000 expeditions to Spitsbergen"

“Bolster is an investor that fits the organizational culture of Oceanwide Expeditions. Bolster acquired a minority stake for the longer term. This transaction offers Oceanwide more financial strength for the future operations and further growth of the company.”