Marfo Food Group

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    € 80 million
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Production of fresh frozen meals

Marfo Food Group

Marfo Food Group consists of Marfo based in the Dutch city of Lelystad and Frigilunch based in Veurne in Belgium. The company develops and prepares fresh frozen meals and meal components for customers in the airline, retail, home and healthcare, prison and other sectors. The company has the ability to develop tailor-made meal solutions that meet the specific requirements of customers in terms for example of taste, dietary requirements, packaging and logistics, with consistent quality and guaranteed food safety. The fresh frozen concept allows the meals to be supplied to customers as far afield as Asia.

The strong growth and reinforcement of the organization resulted in Marfo joining forces with Frigilunch in 2016. The combination creates breadth and depth, and provides customers with more options and security.

Involved from Bolster: Robbert van Kampen Mark van Rijn
"Prepares 200,000 fresh frozen meals a day"

“As a partner Bolster gives us constructive support and genuine financial insights. The team is hands-on and to-the-point.”