Giesen Coffee Roasters

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    € 19 million
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Development and production of coffee roasters

Giesen Coffee Roasters

Giesen Coffee Roasters develops and produces professional coffee roasters which stand out in quality, appearance and functionality. Due to the high-quality and the excellent service of their support team, Giesen is one of the top brands of coffee roasters and roaster accessories in the world. Giesen is the global market leader in small to medium size coffee roaster segment. These impressive machines are purchased by stores, independent roasteries, up to semi-industrial coffee roasters.

Giesen has experienced impressive growth and is now active in more than 35 countries worldwide. Over the years, Giesen has built up a network of dealers and agents who serve local markets and perform service activities. The development, production and direct sales of coffee roasters takes place from the head office in Ulft.

Involved from Bolster: Michiel van Wissen Joost van der Sluis Tymian Clay
"Worldwide, Giesen coffee roasters provide roasted beans for 30 million cups of coffee per day"
Giesen Coffee Roasters is een deelneming van Bolster Investment Partners

“Finding the right partner for the future was not easy. When we first met Bolster the feeling van immediately right. Bolster’s long-term investment horizon has been decisive in this regard.”