“Hospitality and collaboration come first for me”
Office Manager

Manon Klappe

Manon began her career at PWC (then Coopers & Lybrand). In 1998, she moved to Kempen & Co, where she spent many years as Management Assistant for Corporate Finance and Compliance & Legal. She has been with Bolster since 2020.

“The most important thing for me is to enjoy my work. If I like what I’m doing, I radiate that enjoyment in all facets of my work: receiving people, answering the phone or organizing an event. On top of that, it goes without saying that an Office Manager has to be good at hearing, seeing and keeping quiet. You have to be very clear about what you may and may not share. Colleagues call me a connecting factor within the team. I think that’s a great compliment. I feel completely in my element in the role of Office Manager. Every day is different – there’s never a dull moment @ the office!”