“Hospitality and collaboration come first for me”
Office Manager

Manon Klappe

Manon Klappe is Bolster’s office manager. Manon started her career at tax advisors PWC (former Coopers & Lybrand). In 1998 she made the move to Kempen & Co, where she worked as management assistant for Corporate Finance and Compliance & Legal for a long time. She has been involved with the current Bolster team since February 2020. Every day looks different for Manon, never a dull moment @ the office!

“I consider it my duty to ensure that all relations, visitors and people who come into contact with Bolster feel welcome and at ease. Hospitality and collaboration are my top priority in everything I do, from how I answer the phone to how I receive visitors and facilitate meetings and events. Bolster has a great and involved team that I contribute with enthusiasm and energy”.

After the secondary school, Manon attended the college of executive secretary at Schoevers and learned her profession on the job.