Bolster stake in Careflex Zorg Groep

Bolster Investment Partners (‘Bolster’) has acquired a stake in Careflex Zorg Groep (‘Careflex’), an innovative provider of complex care solutions for institutions in mental, youth and disabled care. Bolster will support Careflex by securing its embedded qualities, implementing its growth strategy and further professionalizing the organization.

Careflex works from the conviction that complex care requires a different approach. Over the years Careflex has become a specialized partner with 330 employees responsible for the daily treatment of clients with challenging care questions. Careflex focuses on complex care questions, where seeing the bigger picture in providing the best care for the patents is the prerequisite for success. By working with specialized self-managing teams, Careflex is able to provide effective solutions as an external partner.

Mark van Rijn, partner at Bolster Investment Partners explains: “With its focus on high quality complex care with a distinctive approach, Careflex Zorg Groep fits well within our long-term investment philosophy. Careflex proves it is possible to deliver better patient care and have higher employee satisfaction at the same time by working with an integral and self-management approach. Following years of rapid expansion, it is important to further professionalize the organization. We are looking forward to supporting Careflex as an involved partner.”

Careflex Zorg Groep strives to grow organically, possibly in combination with cooperation with partners in the value chain. Being able to fulfill current market demand and further geographic expansion in the Netherlands are the logical next steps.

Hans Dons and Nardo Veldhuijzen, board of directors of Careflex Zorg Groep explain: “Our ambition is to expand our impact as the care provider in complex care, based on a clear and distinctive philosophy. It is great to be supported by a shareholder who shares our vision and philosophy. An equal partner who supports enthusiastic entrepreneurship.”

For more information please contact
Bolster Investment Partners
Mark van Rijn +31 20 226 3088

About Careflex Zorg Groep
Careflex provides solutions for institutions and individuals with complex healthcare questions. We do this by taking responsibility of client treatments and by coaching healthcare staff. In addition, we second specialists and generalists to support care institutions quickly with waiting list and staff issues. During 20 years of experience in disability care, mental care and youth care; Careflex has developed into the Dutch healthcare specialist.

Every day, over 300 experienced healthcare professionals are active at multiple care locations throughout the Netherlands. They are supported by an enthusiastic office team enabling them to find the best solutions.

About Bolster
Bolster Investment Partners is a long-term investor specializing in minority interests. Bolster invests in exceptional Dutch companies with a keen focus and a proven business model. Bolster helps entrepreneurs realize their company’s full potential. By acting as equal partners to make the difference.

Bolster has a proven track record. As an investment firm we have collaborated successfully with over 100 companies since 1982. Having previously operated under the flag of Van Lanschot Participaties, in late 2017 the entire team became an independent unit operating under the name Bolster Investment Partners.